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Hello Everyone, Our "21" Betel Nut Warehouse is again to again to exporting our good quality product for our old & new customers. We hope to give the reasonable price for our customers benefit. It's emerge from good quality betel nut to penetration of marketing needs, accelerate due to the much quantity of product we produced and hang on to do business with good quality.

Our "21" Betel Nut Warehouse to exporting of good quality product for old & new customers. Absolutely, we care about our customer benefit, so we hope to give the reasonable price and pay the satisfaction of our customers.

Whenever, our customers need guaranteed, we can given full responsibility of our clients. In the bargain, we are doing business with our customers pleasure.

We try to the reach of our hope, success and get world wide betel nut market needs to produce only good level of betel nut quality. So that we tested every situation in local farmer and get the strong resource higher quality, (jumbo size of whole / split betel nut. We afford to get not too much quantity and then try the best of get good cut quality product.

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Namely, Our "21" Betel Nut Warehouse is starting with full hope, whatever struggle we can pass with like teammate and reach our goal.

We try to control the best quality of betel nut. Otherwise, we can find one way or another technique to do the best product, so our product have this ability. Basically we can maintain our betel nut quality to world wide acceptability.

We collected the variety of whole betel nut it's all have a good cut percentage and beauty concentration. Never seem that before, cause they are come from strong resources of Myanmar whole betel nut region.
We care about our customer benefit, so lets order from "21" betel nut warehouse. We set up to arrange exporting of our goods supplying border, port and shipping as well as.

What can we get the good quality of betel nut is just like that dry, collected well, polish after polish with machine, we care about the stabilization our betel nut quality.
This is it, we get good feedback of our customers🤝 we try the best way to control our betel nut quality.
So, anything do you want to know about our "21" betel nut warehouse information don't hesitate and call our mobile number or other applications can contact us.


Many shapes, design and simplicity of our "21" betel nut warehouse can mass- produce of quality control products. They have own their beauty and flair of betel nut region.


This is the super whole betel nut, 95%, no moisture, pure white rounded. It's all polish up and collected well from the "21" betel nut warehouse. Origins of Tanitharyi division, Myeik city, Myanmar.


This split betel nut is the 90/95% quality, no moisture and it's completely dried out, polish up and also collected reject one (lalee) from the "21" Betel Nut warehouse. Origins of the both side of Myanmar and Thailand.

Cutting Betel Nut

Our cutting betel nut like (diamond shape, circle shape is the best of the product we distribute in local market then proudly produce the exporting cargoes to this country such as India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Saudi Arabia... we can pay our customers satisfaction and good feedback. This one also available at our “21” betel nut warehouse called finely cutting shape, can exporting world wide.


This product is come from good quality of whole and split betel nut, when we collect this quality of lalee from the starting of season, continues the process of drying full energy of suns, then we clarification the reject quality.

Price Of Our Products


Whole betel nut available fob & cnf price


Split betel nut available fob & cnf price

Cutting Betel Nut

Cutting product available fob & cnf price


Lalee product available fob & cnf price




We support the mainly characterful of our "21" Betel Nut Trading co.,ltd. gallery. Check our program for products.

Others Products

This other products also we collect and control the quality control to arrange import and exporting countries.

Black Pepper

This is the other products of our "21" betel nut warehouse. We imort to good quality with less moisture ( bold 5mm jumbo size ) it's a perfect match for marketing needs.


Let me announce for fine quality of our country cardamom, this is the special products ever we have with seasonal stock. This is the one of export products of "21" betel nut warehouse.


Many grades of cloves but our warehouse also give the one of the best cloves quality, we can do export and import for this product very well.

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    Our valuable customers speech to like this and we notedly what they are said and care of "21" betel nut warehouse. We really appreciate then we all-out try to control ability of work.