About Us

What Are We ?

Hello Everyone, Our "21" Betel Nut Warehouse is again to again to exporting our good quality product for our old & new customers. We hope to give the reasonable price for our customers benefit. It's emerge from good quality betel nut to penetration of marketing needs, accelerate due to the much quantity of product we produced and hang on to do business with good quality.

Our "21" Betel Nut Warehouse to exporting of good quality product for old & new customers. Absolutely, we care about our customer benefit, so we hope to give the reasonable price and pay the satisfaction of our customers.

Whenever, our customers need guaranteed, we can given full responsibility of our clients. In the bargain, we are doing business with our customers pleasure.

We try to the reach of our hope, success and get world wide betel nut market needs to produce only good level of betel nut quality. So that we tested every situation in local farmer and get the strong resource higher quality, (jumbo size of whole / split betel nut. We afford to get not too much quantity and then try the best of get good cut quality product.